Diamondbrite oldest customer meets Jewelultra’s newest BDM

When Lawrence Joseph joined Jewelultra in January 2017 at the start of the company’s twenty fifth anniversary year, little did he expect that during his first week he would bump into one of Diamondbrite’ s very first customers.

Jerome Chandiram, sales manager at Ruislip Honda, part of The Thames Ditton Honda Group, first did business with Jewelultra back at the very beginning in 1992, when he worked with Herds Motor Group in Kent. “ I believe that we were the very first customer and since then, Diamondbrite has followed me everywhere that I have worked up until the present day. Over that period of time, myself, my staff and the businesses that I have represented have benefitted greatly from the partnership and from the support that we get from Jewelultra”

Says Lawrence, “For me, it was a pleasant surprise in my very first week to meet someone with such a supportive history who is so invested in Diamondbrite and the benefits that it provides his dealership group. It just further endorses my belief that I have joined a fantastic company”

Jerome and Lawrence are pictured outside the Ruislip Honda dealership.

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