Man has DIAMONDBRITE Addiction!

Mark Rainey from Stockport in Cheshire really likes Diamondbrite products, no we mean REALLY likes them. He has what he calls a Diamondbrite addiction.
Mark says: ‘Although I don’t have a favourite product as they are all excellent the last 2 cars purchased in the family have both been treated with the Diamondbrite 2 stage paint protection and as such I have received the Waterless Wash & Wax in the aftercare pack , I have to admit that the 1st time I used this product I was rather sceptical as to whether this product would actually work and was very pleased not only with the result but also the fact that I am able to clean a Ford Focus and a Ford Fiesta together in less than 1 hour.

Now I would like to tell you a story, some 15 years ago I purchased an Audi A3 from my local Audi dealership and it was this dealership that introduced me to the products. Every Friday I would finish work drive home and clean the car. (it was my therapy after a hard weeks work). Sometime later my car was back at the dealership for its routine service , when I went to collect my car the assistant on the service desk informed me that the service manager needed to speak to me, at this point I am fearing the worst, I am then introduced to the service manager and he informs me that the technician that has serviced my car wishes me to know it has been a privilege to work on such a clean and well maintained car and that he doubts that the car was that clean when it left the Audi factory .

Since that day no car dealership has ever has to sell me Diamondbrite, it has always been my intention to purchase pre delivery.’

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