Drive Safe: Avoid these common car crash causes

Analysis of road accident statistics shows that many of these accidents are preventable. Although there is often an element of bad luck or bad timing involved in having a car crash, there are also many other reasons why accidents happen that are more attributable to human behaviour. If you want to stay safe on the roads then it’s important to have a good understanding of what the most common causes of car crashes are – so that you can set out to avoid them.


Being too tired

If you’re tired at the wheel then your reactions are likely to be slower and you’re probably going to find it difficult to concentrate on the road and on your driving. Being tired means you’re less alert and your reaction time is longer – this is one of the reasons why accidents that are the result of tiredness are 50% more likely to be fatal. Tiredness is easily dealt with – pull over and sleep or stop somewhere for the night if you’re feeling really fatigued.


Going too fast

Speed limits are there for a reason, most often because they represent the optimum speed at which it’s still possible to stop safely. Speeding is a contributing factor in more than 10% of injuries that result from car crashes and several hundred people are killed every year because someone is going too fast. Make sure you know what the speed limits are for urban and country areas, stick to the signs and remember that it will be more difficult to stop in winter weather conditions, such as snow.


Not focusing on your driving

There are laws against using your mobile phone while driving in the UK. However, many people still don’t follow them, which is why around 3% of accidents are the result of the driver being distracted by something other than what’s on the roads. That might be a mobile phone or it could be music, smoking or eating. The easiest way to avoid having an accident in this way is to pull over if there is something you need to do, such as eating lunch or making a phone call. Driving is one activity that should never be combined with anything else.


Being a dangerous driver

From road rage to reckless breaking or overtaking when you shouldn’t, unfortunately there are many ways to be a dangerous driver. If you’re not driving safely on the roads then you’re putting yourself and others at risk. Not only that but if your behaviour causes an accident you may end up being prosecuted as a result – fines and prison time could be the consequences.


The weather

It’s not just snow and ice that cause many accidents in the UK every year but other weather conditions too. Overly bright sunlight, rain and high winds can also make driving conditions treacherous. If you know that bad weather is coming it’s always a good idea to leave yourself plenty of time to make your journey. Reduce your speed and don’t make any sudden moves.

For the sake of your own safety, as well as those of others – and to avoid expensive repair and replace bills for your car – steering clear of these common causes of car crashes is a must.

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Protect the value of your caravan or motorhome with Diamondbrite’s leisure range

A caravan or motorhome is an investment for anyone. Whether you’re planning to sell on at a future time, or you just want to ensure your vehicle looks great for every trip, protecting it will be essential. However, it’s not easy to do. Especially if your caravan or motorhome is in frequent use it can be challenging to keep it looking great and to ensure that no unseen damage is taking its toll. That’s why Diamondbrite’s leisure range was developed – to give caravan and motorhome owners the peace of mind of knowing that your investment is protected.


What are the risks to a caravan or motorhome?

Paintwork is what makes our vehicles feel brand new and it has a big impact on how much you enjoy your caravan or motorhome. However, the paintwork is constantly being exposed to a range of pollutants and also to the elements. This often means that the factory finish is under attack from the moment you drive the caravan or motorhome off the forecourt. As a result, the colour can start to look faded and dull.

You might also notice that there are stains on the paintwork or black streaks are appearing. Then there’s the damage that is happening on a much more microscopic level – it’s this that can do the most harm. From road gravel to pollutants in the atmosphere, the paintwork may become pitted and damaged. Even though you can’t see this happening, the end result will be a loss of overall aesthetic quality.


Using Diamondbrite’s leisure range      

Diamondbrite is made from refined rock oils that help to create a high gloss protective skin on your caravan or motorhome. This not only ensures that the paintwork looks great but also protects against even microscopic damage. So, how does it work?


Diamondbrite is a two stage process

Each stage works together to build up a durable and good looking glaze.


It’s incredibly effective

This tough layer can protect your caravan or motorhome from everything, from insect fluid and tree sap through to the impact of road salts and atmospheric pollutants. It can even help avoid damage from bird droppings if washed off within seven days.


Once Diamondbrite is applied the rest is simple

Black streaks and moss are easily removed and you’ll never have to polish your caravan or motorhome again.


Maintenance is straightforward after Diamondbrite

Once you have the protective layer in place you can simple clean regularly with Diamondbrite Car Shampoo.


A Lifetime Guarantee

Where Diamondbrite has been carried out by an approved Diamondbrite applicator the whole process is covered by a Lifetime Guarantee.


Increasing the sell on value

If you want to sell your caravan or motorhome on in the future, the investment in Diamondbrite will ensure that the vehicle is much more appealing to potential buyers who will look for attractive paintwork.

Diamondbrite makes looking after your caravan or motorhome easy. Cleaning is simple and you won’t need to waste any more time polishing to get – and maintain – the best aesthetic finish.  

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How will driverless cars impact automotive culture?

Autonomous cars are on the horizon for drivers all over the world. With the first vehicles already in development it’s clear that driverless vehicles are going to be a part of automotive culture in the near future. This will mark a significant change for many of us but will the driver experience be improved or lessened as a result? There are a number of different ways in which the development of driverless cars could potentially impact on automotive culture.


Relationships between drivers

A huge 80% of Britons said they suffered from road rage in 2017. This often originates from the driving habits and behaviours of other road users. However, if it’s artificial intelligence, rather than individual humans, who are responsible for how the vehicle is handled, it’s likely that the number of road rage incidents will drop significantly. In fact, road rage as a problem could even be eliminated completely.


The number of accidents

Around two thirds of the fatalities that are linked to traffic accidents are the result of aggressive driving. Driverless cars are automatically operated and don’t involve engagement with human emotions, such as anger. So, deaths and injuries that occur as a result of this type of accident should be eliminated. It’s also hoped that autonomous cars will make for generally safer roads thanks to the superior judgment and decision making abilities of driverless cars, which will all be based on software not mood.


Car ownership in general

It’s likely that car ownership is going to be reduced when driverless cars are introduced. This could be as a result of the potential cost of owning an autonomous car. However, a recent study also identified that a subscription-based model of car ownership is likely to become the norm when autonomous cars are in the majority. This would mean that most of us will not own a car but will subscribe to rent one, as and when required. The study found that the level of car ownership in the UK could fall by as much as 80% over the next decade as a result.


The necessity of car parks

Currently, we use car parks as somewhere to leave a vehicle while we’re at work or using certain amenities such as restaurants or the cinema. However, when driverless cars become the norm car parks will no longer be necessary. Why? Well because autonomous cars will be able to drive themselves home after transporting passengers from A to B – and to venture out to make pick ups when necessary too.


No such thing as drunk or underage driving

Rates of alcohol consumption could well shoot up, as the responsibility of safely navigating the car home is lifted. Plus, driverless cars will mean that anyone of any age can be on the roads – a recent study found parents would be happy to let their children ride in an autonomous car on their own.


Security risks will change

Instead of theft being the biggest problem with cars, it could be security. If the operating system of a driverless car is hacked then anyone in it could end up effectively a hostage to whoever takes control.

Driverless cars will mark a big shift in automotive culture, bringing with them a whole range of benefits and a few concerns too.

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Why is it important to keep your car clean?

We’re all taught from an early age that cleanliness is always a good idea. However, when it comes to your car, it’s not just about making a good impression or sticking to a routine. There are a lot of benefits to taking the time to ensure that your car is clean, from how safe it is to the driving experience that you have.


Why it’s so crucial to keep your car clean

A dirty interior can be a hazardous environment. The inside of a car can be a fascinating place if you’re looking to learn something about a messy driver – but you wouldn’t necessarily want to touch anything in there. We tend to accumulate a wide range of junk in our cars, whether that’s sports kit or empty food wrappers. It’s essential to ensure that these are regularly removed and that the interiors are cleaned frequently. If not then your car could become a haven for bad bacteria that can begin to accumulate on surfaces such as the steering wheel, dashboard and the seats.


It could end up being a safety issue

If you’re a driver then you could have an accident. For most of us that won’t happen frequently (every 18 years is the average according to statistics) but to ensure that’s the case it’s crucial to take steps to ensure that you minimise the risks. If your car is dirty then existing risks are instantly increased as a result of factors such as poor visibility through dirty windows or a lack of judgment because of mirrors that have never been cleaned.


You’ll preserve the value of the car for longer

Almost all vehicles are depreciating assets and there’s not a lot that anyone can do about that. However, it’s possible to take steps to reduce the rate at which the vehicle drops in value.


Make your car last longer

Keeping it clean can make a big difference in a number of ways, including helping to keep the paintwork looking good for longer. Dirt, road debris and environmental factors, such as rain, can all have an impact on paintwork, degrading it quickly. That’s why it’s so essential to ensure that you have a cleaning system that will keep your car looking shiny and new, free from the effects of harmful grime.


Reducing the cost of maintenance and repairs

Any ongoing cost related to a car is something that you’ll have to factor in to a regular budget. However, if the car is kept clean then it’s much easier to ensure these expenses stay low. Clean cars are much less likely to get stuck mechanisms or damaged paintwork, for example, both of which cost money to repair.

Finally, one big reason to keep your car clean is so that you can enjoy it more. It’s difficult to feel proud of a dirty car that just doesn’t look its best. Make the most of your investment and keep it clean with a waterless wash and wax system like Diamondbrite.


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Top 10 tips to keep your car running smoothly

Winter can be a troublesome time for car owners. Darker driving conditions and unpleasant weather can affect everything, from car performance to the potential for accidents. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your car is running smoothly at this time of year. A well maintained vehicle will be more pleasurable to drive and will also help to keep you safer on the roads.


How to keep your car running smoothly

  1. Regularly check the transmission

It’s the transmission that enables the car to move by transferring energy from the engine to the wheels. Make sure this essential function can run smoothly by regularly checking the levels of transmission fluid.


  1. Look after the engine

Any traditional petrol or diesel car relies heavily on its engine, which can also undergo some strenuous wear and tear. Regular engine maintenance will include checking the spark plugs, assessing the way that the PCV valve is operating and ensuring that all the filters are functioning well (e.g. air filter and fuel filter).


  1. Educate yourself about the engine and the oil

Most people understand that the engine needs oil and that that this needs to be changed regularly, around every 3,000 miles. However, the way you drive your car may also impact on how you need to manage the engine and the oil. For example, you might need to change the oil more regularly if you’re driving in conditions where you’re frequently stopping and starting the engine or if you’re towing something heavy.


  1. Check the car’s emissions

The system for removing emissions from the car is all underneath the vehicle, which means it can take a lot of heavy impact from road surfaces or weather. Make sure you have this checked once a year to ensure that it’s functioning and in tact.


  1. Carry out regular battery maintenance

Another essential component in the smooth running of any car, the battery needs to be regularly checked to make sure it’s secure and not vibrating, that connections are clean and that the water is at the right level.


  1. Ensure the air conditioning is fully functioning.

The car’s air conditioning system delivers warmth in winter and cool in summer – have this regularly checked so that at least driving conditions inside the car are controlled.


  1. Check your manual for a brake maintenance schedule

Different cars may require different approaches – stick to the schedule for your specific make and model to avoid expensive repairs further down the line.


  1. Know what to look out for when it comes to brake problems.

For example, grinding sounds may mean you need new brake pads.


  1. Get a mechanic to check the cooling system

They will look for wear and tear to hoses, coolant levels and dirty coolant fluid in the system needs to be replaced by clean.


  1. Get your suspension inspected regularly

Especially if you’re noticing problems, such as steering vibrations or unusual noises when driving, it might be time to get a mechanic to do a full suspension and steering check.

Keep your car running smoothly this winter with these 10 tips and enjoy a better (and safer) driving experience.

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Start the new year right with Diamondbrite

Whether New Year’s resolutions are your thing or not, there’s one decision that we can all make this year that will reap ongoing rewards: to better look after the car. Diamondbrite has many benefits for your car – and it doesn’t stop there. If you have a boat, a caravan or a bike then you can enjoy the same advantages too. If you’re looking to start the new year right then it makes sense to do it with Diamondbrite.


What is Diamondbrite?

It is a waterless wash and wax system for a number of different types of vehicles. If you’re sick of using a sponge and water, or just not seeing the results you’d hoped for from that method, then Diamondbrite is a great alternative. It helps to shine and protect the entire vehicle, from wheels to bodywork, and can also help to make paintwork shine. Diamondbrite works by surrounding dirt particles on the car, boat, bike or caravan and gently detaching them so that the end result is impressive, scratch-free cleaning. It’s not only very effective but also kinder to the environment too – Diamondbrite is biodegradable.


The benefits of Diamondbrite

For cars

Most cars today have been finished with water based paints and while these are better for the environment they don’t excel at longevity. The paint on your car can quickly fade, leaving it looking less than new and impressive. However, by using Diamondbrite you can preserve that showroom-fresh colour. Using Diamondbrite on your paintwork creates a tough durable glaze that will protect it. If the application is carried out by an approved Diamondbrite applicator then the end results will also be covered by a guarantee.


For boats

The Diamondbrite Marine range is specifically designed to help meet the challenges of sea-going vessels. Boats are not cheap to buy and are subjected to some very tough conditions. Regular use of Diamondbrite Marine can help to provide protection for boats, as well as simplifying and shortening the process of cleaning and maintenance.


For motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle can have a heavy impact on the bike itself, whether that’s from the roads or the environment. Diamondbrite Motorcycle offers two specific solutions for bike owners, one a Fully Guaranteed complete Fluorocarbon Polymer paint protection system that is workshop applied, the other a standalone range of clean and protect products that can be used independently of the paint protection system.


For other vehicles

From caravans to other expensive leisure vehicles, there are many ways in which Diamondbrite can provide protection this year. For example, atmospheric pollutants can erode paintwork but Diamondbrite can provide the protection to keep it in tact and looking bright. It can also help to minimise or avoid the damage that can be caused to the surface of paintwork by microscopic particles coming off the road or the surrounding environment. If you’re looking to protect an investment you’ve made in a vehicle, Diamondbrite is an easy way to help you do it.


Whether you have a car, boat or caravan, if you’re keen to start the new year right then it has to be with Diamondbrite.

Don’t let your tyres get tired!

Looking after your tyres is essential for safe driving – when tyres are worn down or damaged they can make a car difficult to handle and cause accidents. There are many reasons why tyres end up worn down and this can often happen a lot more quickly than anticipated.

From age to wheel alignment or driving on difficult surfaces, a whole range of factors can have an impact on the condition of your tyres. These are some of the things you can do to ensure that your tyres remain in great condition and support safe driving when you’re on the road.

Maintain consistent tread depth

The depth of tread on tyres is important because, as the tread on your tyres wears out, the breaking distance increases. Ideally, you should aim for the shortest possible breaking distance, especially in winter, so that your car can be responsive to conditions on the road. Maintaining tread depth at 3mm will ensure optimum braking performance.

If the depth of the tread drops beneath 1.6mm then you could face penalties or fines, as this is the legal minimum. The easiest way to measure tread depth is with a tread depth indicator but you can also use a 20p coin. Place the coin in the main tread groove of the tyre and if you can’t see the outer border of the coin your tread depth is too low.

Look for obvious damage

One of the easiest ways to keep your tyres in good shape is to regularly check for obvious damage, such as gashes or bumps. These could be caused by anything, from road surfaces to potholes, and can be dangerous if left and not dealt with. If you’ve had an emergency incident, such as making an emergency stop, then it’s also a good idea to have the tyres checked over afterwards to ensure that they haven’t been damaged or worn down as a result.

Keep an eye on tyre pressure

Tyre pressure requirements can differ depending on the type of car – and some manufacturers will recommend different pressures for the front and back tyres. It’s important to ensure that you know what is recommended for your car (this should be in the vehicle handbook) and that you check regularly to ensure that this is being maintained. If you don’t keep an eye on tyre pressure then there are a number of issues that could arise.

Safety issues

If your tyre pressure is low, the tyres may overheat and this can make it difficult to handle the car on the road.

Increased cost

As tyre pressure decreases, rolling resistance increases, meaning that more fuel is necessary to maintain the same speed. Tyres not at the correct pressure will also have a smaller contact patch, which can lead to uneven wear and the need to replace tyres more often.

Poor fuel efficiency

You can only sustain optimum fuel efficiency with tyres at the correct pressure. This will also help to reduce CO2 emissions.

Winter is a crucial time to make sure that every part of your car is well looked after, especially such an essential component as the tyres.

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Stay safe when driving this Winter

Winter can be a challenging time for even the most experienced of drivers. Whether you’re used to snow and ice or you find yourself getting nervous as the temperature drops, preparation is key. From morning fog through to rain and hail, no matter what the winter driving conditions might be, with a little preparation you can still stay safe on the roads.

Use screenwash and ice scraper

On really cold mornings and evenings, screenwash can help to stop your windscreen from freezing over and being completely opaque. Remember that you can damage your water pump if you’re using only water or screenwash that freezes at just a few degrees, as this will allow everything to ice over. So, make sure you have some pure screenwash – or screenwash tables – to hand to deal with cold or icy conditions.

You’ll also need a good quality ice scraper. Although all of us have, at some point, used whatever we had to hand (e.g. credit card or cardboard box), these just aren’t as effective as a proper scraper. It’s an investment you won’t regret.

Buy snow chains

Even in the UK, snow chains can come in very useful during the winter months. Cars here are not designed to cope with snow but we do get at least a little snowfall every year – and some areas get a significant volume. Especially if you live in the countryside this could be a worthwhile investment. Innovation means that there are many more lightweight options today that you don’t have to worry about damaging your alloys while using.

Regularly check your tyre pressure

In colder conditions tyre pressure tends to drop and this can be problematic for safe driving. So, it’s important to regularly check the pressure of your tyres during the colder winter months – at least every two weeks. You may even want to invest in a tyre pump for your home so that you don’t have to go to the nearest petrol station to deal with tyre pressure drops.

Consider a shovel

Only really required during the depths of winter and/or if you live in a very remote area. However, having a shovel in the car can be a lifesaver in really extreme weather. Keep one in the boot during the coldest months so that you can dig out yourself, cars and people, if required.

Always have an emergency kit

Warm clothes, some food and drink, a back up phone charger, torch and blankets are just some of the items that could be useful if you have an emergency situation while driving. Even if you’re just stuck in a traffic jam in the cold, warm blankets and food can be a lifesaver.

Don’t rush

Allow yourself plenty of time when making journeys in bad winter weather as it’s often when we’re rushing that accidents happen. Even if you’re late for something important, slow down and take the time to drive properly – nothing is worth the damage of an accident, both to you and your car.

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Winter Car Care Tips

Winter is a challenging time for car owners. Wet roads, freezing temperatures and stormy conditions mean that your car needs to be in peak condition to ensure you have a safe drive, every time. Given the seasonal pressures of winter on any vehicle, even more care and attention is required at this time of year.

Prioritise battery care

This is the season when batteries cause issues because they’re subject to cold temperatures but also have to do more – for example powering the lights during daytime hours, as well as night. If your battery is causing issues then don’t wait to get this looked at.

Don’t skip the services

According to the AA, up to half of the issues that people experience with their cars at this time of year could be prevented with regular servicing and maintenance. So, look out for winter deals and discounts and if you haven’t had your servicing done yet for this year, make it a priority.

The condition of your tyres is key

If they are not in good condition this will affect your ability to steer the car and to brake properly. Check tyre pressure regularly and ensure that you’ve got tread depth of at least 3mm in the winter months.

Make sure the anti-freeze in your engine coolant won’t freeze

The way this is likely to happen is if you’ve been topping up the engine coolant with too much water during the warmer months of the year. Your engine coolant should be a combination of 50% water and 50% antifreeze. If it does freeze then you could get issues with the engine overheating.

Clean and prep your windscreen

Check the wipers are in good condition and replace if necessary. Top your screen washer up with antifreeze and give the windows a good clean. Be proactive if you spot any chips or cracks, as these can quickly get worse in cold weather and freezing temperatures.

In darker days lights are even more important

It’s not just darkness that can cause issues if your lights aren’t working property but conditions such as fog too. Check all your lights, from fog lights to headlights and indicators – clean them and look for any broken bulbs.

Hope for the best prepare for the worst

If you do break down in winter weather you need to make sure you’re prepared. Pack a ‘breakdown kit’ in the car, including a torch, blanket, shovel, food and drink, scraper and de-icer and screen wash. A portable mobile phone charger can also be useful.

Be mindful when you’re traveling in winter

Check the forecast and alter your plans if the weather looks like it’s going to be extreme. It’s always crucial to make sure you don’t have to rush so allow extra time for travel at this time of year – that’s when driving mistakes can happen.

Winter car care is all about being prepared. If you’re ready for the cold weather then you don’t need to worry about being out on the roads in wintry conditions.

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